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Top logo Designing Ideas – Create Your Own Logo, It’s Free!

Top logo Designing Ideas – Create Your Own Logo, It’s Free!

Posted by plainbrush | April 30, 2018 | Logo designing
Logo Designing

Logo designing ideas can come from anywhere, like anywhere! You just need to be attentive and focused all the time. There are no major rules or steps or books to get the logo design ideas for your business. Before coming to the steps of creating your own logo from the logo design ideas for business, here is the short introduction of the logo and its importance in the business.
A perfect logo is the one which has the following characteristics:
1. Simple
2. Unique
3. Not complicated or complex
4. Describes precisely what the brand is all about
5. Attracts people or makes a good impact on the first impression.

All these points come together to make a good logo. And this will ultimately spread the brand name and thereby attracts a lot of sales. A logo can let people remember your brand. A logo can effectively communicate the brand’s message to the people or visitors. A logo can have a strong influence on the buying criteria of the people. Most often the buying decisions of the people are made by just keeping the view over the brand concerned. A brand speaks a lot about the products or services related to them and offered for the buying purpose. There is a casual relationship between brand and the selling of the product which is usually determined by the logo of the company which perfectly describes the brand.

Logo Designing
Your company’s logo is the first impression your company has on the people or visitor. If at that time, you are able to retain the people or visitors then it means that your logo definitely has something. No matter wherever you put it up, outside your office premises, on your website or on business cards, it represents who you are as a business.
You can find not only one logo design company in Delhi but many. And all of them are providing the services of logo designing. Wait, you won’t have to go to any top logo designers when you can have logo design inspiration by yourself.

Like we said that logo must be unique. Being unique doesn’t mean that your logo has to say what your company does or offers. It’s not just about the creative logo design ideas, you need to look at various best logos 2018 and get ideas from there. Or else you can even look at the logo design samples and start creating your very own logo by yourself. Because not always you need top logo designing company for creating the best logo for your business.
Well, here are some of the logo design ideas for creating your own logo for free:

Do identify your brand
Before you jump into making a logo for your business, you need to perfectly analyze the company or brand. This is necessary because sometimes the logo is not directly related to the brand but somewhat relates to the brand, for e.g. there is no coffee bean in the logo of Starbucks. Hence, it’s very much important to have an appropriate knowledge of the brand or the company like what it does, which type of customer it caters and much more. To know more, you must take a look at the below-mentioned points:

  1. The very first step in identifying your brand is to figure out the values of the company. Although a logo is just a single way to communicate what your brand is conveying, it is often used to make the first impression successful. You can even make use of the moot board in order to know more about the company. Other things which you need to find out are the impression you want the people to have in your company, the vibe you want to create and much more.
  2. While there is so much competition in the market you need to differentiate yourself from the others. Your brand or logo must not blend in with others and dull your sparkle. This competition is even more important when there are competitors available in the market with a similar product as that of yours.
  3. It’s not only important to make an impression on the people but it’s also important to connect with the people emotionally as well. Your brand needs to identify the emotion you want the people to feel whenever they come in contact with the logo.
  4. Before creating a logo, you will definitely want to figure out the position of your company in the market. For finding out this, you need to take help of the SWOT analysis method which has been developed by the business experts.

Selecting the type of logo
A logo is not just a picturesque view but it’s more than that. Immediately after you have logo design ideas for business, you need to select the kind of logo you want.

  1. Text logo- This is one of the simplest, easiest and common logo design type you can have for your business. This type of logo generally contains texts in a unique font which captures the company’s vibes. One of the biggest challenges in making the text logo is making sure that the logo is not boring. The main advantage of having text logo is that it helps in the branding of your company because it focuses on the brand name.
  2. Lettermark logo- It is a type of text logo but it uses the company’s initials instead of its full name. These lettermark logos are useful where the name of the company is too long and technical. Small products without much space for advertising often use lettermark logos. Well, it can take time along with the investment in order to educate consumers about the initials. Hence, it’s advice not to use lettermark logos if you don’t have the ability to do so.
  3. Brandmark logo- These are the type of logos which contains icons and symbols. These logos don’t contain a word at all and claim to represent the brand with the symbol alone. This kind of logos have generally the high chances of getting attractions from the people. But at the same time, it’s also very much important to choose the icon or symbol wisely.
  4. Combination logo- You may have seen logos containing both text and symbols. Well, these logos are called combination logos. These logos generally function in two ways. The text in the logo helps in conveying the message brand wants to convey to the people. On the other hand, symbols can help in having a greater influence on the people or create deeper emotional reactions.

Other elements
There are other elements present in the process of logo designing, which are mentioned below:

  1. Before proceeding to transform your creative logo design ideas into a perfect logo, you need to determine your budget. Well, if you really have the idea then you can go for free logo designing otherwise you need to contact the top logo designing company for yourself. If you are not sure about your logo idea, then don’t go for it. It’s really important to invest your money and time on something which is worth it.
  2. Don’t be dull and boring because people won’t like it. Be creative with your logo design ideas and try to make it attractive as hell. At the same time, you must also ensure that the logo you are going to design must not be complicated. It’s creative logo which sells in the market and not boring and dull logos. Therefore, if you are going to DIY logo designing process you need to ensure that you end up with the one creative, simple and informative logo for your company.
  3. Choose color carefully- Although colors add life to the dull logo. But if it’s used inappropriately then it can also lead to the negative effect of a logo on your business. this is because different colors exhibit a different kind of emotions. Make sure you research well about the colors while picking them. The best thing is to pick the color at the last after you are done designing your logo.
  4. Simplicity is the new beautiful- The most amazing and iconic logos are the one which is simple along with the attractive. Keep your logo simple because logos are mean to explain or supposed to convey the brand’s immediate meaning or recognition.
  5. Be careful with the size- Be aware of the fact that your logo has to work in different sizes. Make sure that on changing the size of the logo, the quality of the logo is not getting lost. Also, determine where the logo will run. The logo must equally blend on the business cards, side of the envelope and on much more things.

These were some of the points or steps you can say which can help you in creating a unique logo for your business. If you don’t have any idea of creating a logo, then we would suggest hiring a logo designing company for yourself. Although there are many logo design softwares available which will help you in creating a logo you may not be aware of how to use the software. We, as a logo designing company in Delhi, provides the tailor-made logo design services to our clients. And we will definitely help you in creating the best and informative logo for your business at a reasonably lower price.

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