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11 Free Logo Design Inspiration Websites to Know in 2018

11 Free Logo Design Inspiration Websites to Know in 2018

Posted by plainbrush | June 13, 2018 | Logo designing
free logo design inspiration

“Never fall in love with an idea. They’re whores. If the one you’re with isn’t doing the job, there’s always, always, always another.”
-Chip Kidd

What a perfect quote to get free logo design inspiration as well as motivation, isn’t it?

Nobody’s perfect in everything and so does with logo designing. You can see many best logos 2018 but at the same time, you can also see 2018 logos which are not so good.
This is what we want you people to understand. That designing is not only about creativity, it’s about timing, luck, and knowledge as well.
There are times (sometimes) when you won’t be able to come up with the perfect logo design for your business.
This happens with most of the people, to be precise, designers in the world. But this doesn’t mean that one should stop trying.
but sometimes, your endless efforts may got failed.
Thank god, we have got a handful of websites to take free logo design inspiration, 2018 from.
free logo design inspiration

Here are 11 different and awesome places to check out for logo design inspiration before you start with logo designing process :

“A one-stop solution to all your problems”

Be it designing or any petty things, Google will always be there to help you whenever you need. Just type in your keyword for the logo and thousands of examples will pop up in front of you.
All good, bad, wow, not so wow designs will be right in front of you. And all this is free, free and free!
Designs from around the world just to give you inspiration is all that Google will provide.

“A platform where expectations meet designs”
Getting no idea related to the logo? Don’t you worry about this website will help you in every way? This website is like a portfolio of different designers all around the world.
Here, you will get to see the topmost designers sharing their best work.
We are not saying to copy any of the designs available. But, you might get some ideas by exploring those designs. This can further help you in creating a logo for yourself.

“A place where designers get inspired.”
This is the place where you will be able to get the best and creative logo design ideas for business.
There are top-level designers present on this platform to showcase their talent inspiring thousands of people. And you are no different!
Get logo design inspiration from these designers in case you are having a problem in designing a logo.

“A big, in fact, very big image sharing platform.”
You are, of course, an alien if you are not familiar with this platform. This is one of the best and huge platforms for image sharing.
With an infinite number of people available, you are likely to get design inspiration for a logo you are about to design.
Unlike Google, it will help you in browsing pages as per the categories. Also, there is an option where you will be able to see what’s popular among the peeps. With this, you will get an idea about the design you should create to connect with the customers. The one and the most important benefit about Pinterest is you got to follow people you are interested. This will allow you not to miss any single photos uploaded by them.

“Follow, designers, follow inspirations!”
Although it’s a social media application or website you will still get inspiration from this place too.
One of the best ways is to follow your favorite designers. After this, check out everything which they upload on their profile. Get inspiration and start creating your very own logo.
Well, you can also get inspiration by following designing pages present available on Instagram.

“Many creative, cool, super cool, formal and free icons are available right here”
Sometimes, logos include icons too. And for those who struggle or right now, are struggling in getting icons then you can get it from Flaticon. It’s one of the best places from where you can have almost any kind of icon you will need for creating logos for yourself.

“Logo inspiration for designers”
Whether you are about to create a logo or striving to get designs, Logoed will help you in every way possible. It’s a blog from where you can get design inspiration for a logo that you are about to design or create.

“To inspire and be inspired”
Launched in 2009, Logospire is a logo inspiration gallery which allows designers to submit their logos. Also, designers are also allowed to like logos in order to inspire other people in the world.
As a beginner or the experienced, there are instances where you may not get an idea of how to design a logo. For this, you can surely explore Logospire and get many logos designing inspiration from there.

Brand New
“A blog that showcases various logo designs”
Brand New is a blog-division of a graphic design enterprise called UnderConsideration LLC launched in 2006. This has grown to be the leading site for opinions on logo and identity redesigns. This blog possesses the redesigns and new designs of notable products, companies, services, and organizations across all industries and locations. Hence, if you are looking for a website in order to find the best and latest trends and advice on logo designs then head to this blog. Here, you will find one of the best logo designs of notable products, companies, services, and organizations across all industries and locations.

Company Folders
“They make the logo that you can be proud of”
This is a company which offers the logo design services to different people out there. Can’t believe it? Look at their portfolio to believe it in every way.
On visiting their website, you will get to see a lot of examples of logo design. These examples are somewhat enough in order to provide inspiration for designing logos.

Logo of the Day
“High-Profile logo design award scheme”
Logo of the Day is a high-profile logo design award scheme. In this scheme, the best professional logos and trademarks design from throughout the world are being rewarded.
Thus, you can see many awards winning logos and trademarks which can provide you with inspiration. At this place, one can also discuss, share and rate logo design.

These were some of the websites which you can consider for getting some logo design inspiration.
Go on and try it on your own.
Take a look at every website and write the ones which inspired you in some way or the other.
Come back here and tell us about the before-and-after.
Or if you found such kinda websites which I haven’t mentioned then do tell us. Also, tell us about how those websites which you found have helped you in providing inspiration.
Let us know all these things in the comments section below.

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